About the Firm​

Advocating for people and cases we believe in

At Blessing & Wallace, we combine experienced legal insight with passion for serving our local community. We built our reputation on integrity and positive results, creating strong ties with the people who live and work in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our experience is broad. Our focus is narrow. We dedicate ourselves to the people and cases we believe in, fighting for justice with personal determination and expertise. We partner with you, providing the representation you need to successfully navigate a variety of legal issues, both big and small. We’re proud to fight for you, right here in the city we love.

Our expertise includes these areas:

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is complex and often emotional. Our attorneys combine experience in the courtroom with compassion and honesty you can trust, giving you confidence and peace of mind through every phase of your case.

Small Business Issues

Small businesses come with special challenges, including responding to legal issues and handling litigation. We understand the legal challenges unique to small business, and partner with you to protect your interests, and act as HR general counsel if needed.


Struggling to receive benefits you were promised under employee-benefit plans? The law provides protection for those who are entitled in the event of disability or retirement. As your legal advocate, we fight to ensure you receive the benefits you’ve earned.

Probate Work

From guardianship work to fiduciary claims, we guide you through the complexities of the process so you can resolve issues reliably and successfully. Trust us to advise you through this difficult time with compassion and integrity.

Estate Planning

Planning your estate can be complicated both legally and personally. We’re here to walk you through the process with professionalism and compassion, ensuring that your legacy is protected and preserved.

Local attorneys committed to the people of Cincinnati. From civil litigation to estate planning, we consistently offer hard working, comprehensive representation to our clients with honesty and integrity.